Submission: November 15, 2014
Registration: November 10, 2014
Language: English, Chinese
Location: Concept
Prizes: First prize $60,000NTD, Second prize $30,000NTD, Third prize $15,000NTD
Type: For Students and Young Architects


This competition takes on an elemental perspective to architectural design and sustainability. The keyword of this year is “OCCUPATION”.

Occupation of public realm or private property, legally or illegally, unintentionally or on purpose, temporarily or permanently, is happening all over the world. Militarily, politically or spatially, evaluation and definition of “occupation” are open to participants’ imaginations. Participants are to revisit the ideas of occupation and produce creative proposals under consideration of sustainable issues. While the term “sustainable” is subjected to many dimensions: environmental, economic and social, participants are free to interpret in their own ways. The site chosen has to be real and its coordinate values have to be marked under the theme on submission boards. Spatial proposals with occupation statement and responsive design strategies are expected.



Date: October 22, 2014