PLASMA Competition

Submission: June 06, 2021
Registration: June 06, 2021
Language: English, Italian
Location: Cosenza, Italy
Prizes: Please see detail below
Type:  Free student competition


Plasma is a competition for the design and subsequent construction of an element of street furniture, artistic installation and connection, in the historic center of Cosenza (Calabria). Participants will have pre-established materials and numbered pieces available for the project. Everyone will have the opportunity to meet with the scientific committee of the competition to get advice or other indications. The three best ideas will win and will be implemented on the site, by the collective “Opificio 111”.


The ICARO student group in collaboration with the creative collective OPIFICIO111 launches the first edition of PLASMA: an initiative aimed at enhancing an unused public space located in the historic center of Cosenza through the design and self-construction of new urban furniture elements in wood.


The university-based initiative aims to reflect on the theme of urban and cultural recovery of the historic center through architecture, design and public art. The goal is to give a practical, economic and reversible response to new social needs by experimenting with alternative methods of intervention in the public space, optimizing
available resources and highlighting the virtuous characteristics of easily available materials such as wood. PLASMA wants to promote new ways of interaction and stimulate reflection on the social and cultural importance of urban common spaces. The small interventions, although reversible, will be an opportunity to turn the spotlight on an area that is important for the community and for the history of the Old Town of Cosenza. PLASMA will also be an opportunity for discussion with the creatives of OPIFICIO111, with designers, architects and teachers who will guide the participants along the path that will lead to the definition of a new space to be given to the life of the historic center and its inhabitants.


Participants are therefore required to design 1 (one) outdoor wooden object that meets the objectives of the competition, placing themselves in one of the following thematic areas:
Intended as a three-dimensional work of art without a specific function. Objects belonging to this category will also be evaluated on the basis of their contextualization and therefore their relevance to the history and culture of the place of intervention.
Intended as an object with one or more specific functions. Objects belonging to this category will be evaluated also on the basis of their flexibility, usefulness and ability to respond to multiple functions.
Intended as signage objects in repetition used to guide visitors to the new public space and headquarters of OPIFICIO111. Objects belonging to this category should, if possible, be visible even at night.


The competition is open to all students, both creative and passionate. It is possible to participate, individually or in groups (max. 4 people providing for the presence of a duly registered student).


The three project proposals selected in the final phase will be carried out in collaboration with the artisans of OPIFICIO111 in the place subject to the competition, reporting the name of the author or authors on their respective works.


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