pt awards


Submission: October 31, 2021
Registration: October 31, 2021
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: 500,000 RMB
Type: Open


With the rise of the new middle class, consumption and collective aesthetic, designing value has become an increasingly prominent power. OPPEIN launched the “PT Awards” together with top designers from home and abroad. We are committed to searching for the creator of better life style, and bestow the rightful honor to the best designer. Let their masterpieces be seen by more consumers, and may the life aesthetics find its way into every family.

PT Awards is organized jointly by the China Furniture & Decoration Chamber of Commerce, OPPEIN Group, and OPPEIN Italian Design Institute;

Co-organized by the International Federation of Interior Designers (IFI); And supported by International Habitat Interior Design Association (IHIDA), International Design and Brand Institute (IDB), and Italian Architects & Designers Community in China.

To build a platform of design value and idea exchange for global elites, and award the most creative and outstanding designers who have made great contributions to the development of interior design and better life.


Residential category
1. Ordinary residential design (less than 144 square meters)
2. Large flat space (more than 144 square meters)
3. Villa design

Public space category
1.Commercial space (Catering, Commercial entity, Exhibition hall, Entertainment, Shop-front, Retail)
2. Entertainment space (Bookstore, Parenting, Beauty industry, Education)
3. Cultural tourism hotel (Hotel, Home stay, Health club and hotel)

Real estate category
1. Real estate projects (sales center, exhibition halls)
2. Prototype room design

Product design category
1. Full house design
2. Kitchen product design
3. Wardrobe whole house custom product design
4. Bathroom product design
5. Wooden door product design


This competition is open to the global designing industry. We welcome any contestants from all nations, religions, regions and nationalities.

  1. People/institutions fr architectural design studio, firms and other related industries.
  2. Architects/interior designers with outstanding performance and professional achievements in the field of interior design.
  3. People with original design (with intellectual property rights) during 2020-2021.
  4. Home decoration company/Design agency/Design studio practitioners.


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Date: August 23, 2021