Quarry Biophilic Pavilion Design

Submission: 28th October 2024 Registration: 28th October 2024 Location: Anywhere Language: English Prizes: £5,000+ Type: Open, Students, Professionals, International

Discover the Biophilic Pavilion Competition, where architecture and nature unite to redefine our built environment. Design a living building inspired by nature and created with the latest sustainable construction technologies.

Join us in this transformative journey to design an extraordinary organic, nature-inspired pavilion that seamlessly blends with the natural world, creating harmony between human spaces and the environment.

The objective of the Biophilic Pavilion Competition is to inspire and challenge participants to create an exceptional, covered public space design that embraces biophilic principles. This competition aims to promote the integration of nature into architectural structures, encouraging a deeper connection between visitors and this unique site.

The goal is to showcase innovative and sustainable pavilion designs that prioritise well-being, ecological harmony, and a sense of wonder, ultimately redefining the relationship between built environments and nature.