Quarry Regenerative Landscaping Design

Submission: 28th October 2024 Registration: 28th October 2024 Location: Anywhere Language: English Prizes: £5,000+ Type: Open, International, Student, Professional

Join the Regenerative Landscape Competition and embark on a transformative journey to shape the future of our environment, restoring habitats, and providing educational experiences through landscape design, healing the scar that a quarry leaves on our natural landscapes.

The objective of this brief is to inspire and challenge participants to design innovative and sustainable landscape solutions that actively contribute to the restoration and enhancement of previous natural ecosystems, destroyed by large-scale industrial excavation processes. This proposal aims to encourage the creation of regenerative landscapes that promote biodiversity, ecological resilience, and long-term sustainability, while also providing functional, educational and aesthetically pleasing spaces for communities.

This exciting competition invites visionaries to showcase their creativity and commitment to landscape design, fostering biodiversity, and creating sustainable havens for generations to come.