rome architecture competition

Rome Contemporary Chapel

Submission: August 14, 2017
Registration: July 31, 2017
Language: English, Spanish
Location: Rome, Italy
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Rome accumulates in its streets thousand of years of history. Its rich culture, its people and the intense and vibrant activity turn it into a reference world capital. Today, the city of Rome offers a different scenario according to society in which we live in marked by the mobility, the technology and the individuality. In a delicate European context, still in an economic crisis but proud of their racial crucible and welcoming refugees, spaces for introversion and shared dialogue are increasingly needed.

For this reason, ARCHmedium proposes to rethink spiritual and worship spaces in the cities. One only temple for the dialogue of all religions, a common place for all creeds. Rome Contemporary Chapel aims to be a place of encounter, a space for dialogue and hope for peace in a complex world.

Located in the historic Via Giulia of Rome, one of the most important streets in Rome and of the world, the scope of intervention is an urban enclave which has been unresolved for decades as a result of demolitions carried out by Fascism. That is why in this competition we propose to solve the architecture of a chapel and the public space of the immediate urban environment.



This category will accept architecture and related fields undergraduate students who can prove their student status on the day the competition launches with some official document (student ID or enrolment papers).
Graduate, masters, and PhD students who are currently enrolled in some official course can also participate, but only if they obtained their undergraduate degree less than 3 years ago.
The 3 year rule applies to graduate, masters and PhD students who are CURRENTLY ENROLLED only!

Young Architects

This category will accept young professional architects who graduated less than 10 years ago (according to their degree expedition date) can also join the competition and opt to win the “young gradautes” prize which will be awarded separately from the student prizes.
In both categories teams can be formed by just one member or up to six (6). Members of a team don’t necessarily have to be students at the same university or live in the same country.
It is not necessary that all members of a team are architecture specialists. Having a photographer, artist, philosopher, etc. on a team can help to see the project in a new way, thus enriching the final result. However, it is recommended that at least one member of the team has some experience in architecture. The teams may also be formed by both students and young architects.
The registration fee is paid per team, regardless of how many members form it.


April 10th 2017  Special Entry period starts

June 12th 2017  Special Entry period ends

June 13th 2017  Early Entry period starts

July 10th 2017   Early Entry period ends

July 11th 2017  Regular Entry period starts

July 31st 2017  Regular Entry period ends

Aug 14th 2017  Submission deadline

Aug 16th 2017  Publication of proyects received (list)

Sept 11th 2017  Winners announcement


The entry periods will be divided as follows:
Special     April 10th – June 12th     60.50€*
Early     June 13th – July 10th     90.75€*
Regular     July 11th – July 31st     121€*
The registration fee is per team, regardless of how many members are on the team. If a team wants to submit more than one proposal
to the competition they will have to register each proposal separately and pay an additional fee for each proposal they wish to submit.
For a project to be accepted the team must be properly registered to the competition. All registrations will be done through the ARCHmedium website (ARCHmedium.com), where you will be asked to choose between several payment options.
After completing the registration form each team will be assigned with a registration code. It’s important to keep this registration code in a safe place since it will allow your team to access the intranet were you’ll have access to your registration status, payment tools, and the upload form to submit your project as we will explain in further sections of this document.


Each team will submit only one din-A1 size (59,4 x 84,1cm), landscape or portrait panel with their proposal.
This panel must be identified with the registration code of the team and the registration code ONLY; any panel including team names or personal names might be disqualified without refund. Each team is responsible for choosing which information they include in their panel so that the jury may gain the clearest understanding of
their project.
The representation technique is completely free (2D drawings, pictures of models, sketches, renders, collages, etc.). The jury will not only evaluate the quality of the project but also the clarity and quality of the presentation.
We do not recommend including large amounts of text on the panel. The project should be explanatory enough through the graphic material. However, certain notes might be acceptable. These notes must be written in English ONLY—any text written in a different language will not be taken into account and may lead to a team’s disqualification.

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