Scandinavian Fjords Underwater Floating Sauna

Submission: 28th October 2024 Registration: 28th October 2024 Location: UNESCO Nærøyfjord Language: English Prizes: £5,000+ Type: Open

Design a unique underwater sauna experience beneath the frozen UNESCO Nærøyfjord.

Immerse yourself in limitless imagination with this extraordinary design challenge that blends nature’s beauty with human ingenuity. We are asking for the creative design of a floating piece of architecture with a completely submerged glazed sauna that looks beneath the water’s icy surface of the Nærøyfjord UNESCO world heritage site.

Redefine relaxation beneath the water with a space that allows users to disconnect from the world beyond their immediate surroundings.

Our vision is to create an architectural marvel that not only offers an unparalleled sensory experience but also grounds itself in this dramatic and inspiring landscape through the choice of design and materiality. It should be an enterprising design that gives back to its surroundings and actually benefits the local wildlife.

The Scandinavian fjords have long captivated hearts with their rugged beauty and serene mystique. Now, we challenge you to craft a design that respects the fjords’ delicate balance while pushing the boundaries of innovation – where the ethereal play of light and shadow dances on submerged surfaces, and where contemporary design merges seamlessly with the natural world.

Dive into innovation.