shelter architecture competition

SHELTER – Designing within a hurricane shell

Submission: April 03, 2021
Registration: April 03, 2021
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Arch Out Loud challenges participants to design the hurricane resilient home of the future. Category five hurricane winds commonly reach speeds between 160 and 190 miles per hour, causing widespread destruction in a matter of seconds. Yet with the implementation of fundamental engineering and principles in design techniques, coastal residential structures that implement structural shells have proven the ability to withstand the strongest storms.

This relationship between form and function isn’t new. However, how might we harness this relationship to create a better living environment, one that is both protective and unique? How might designing within the form of a proven hurricane-resilient structural shell provide new opportunities within the creative process and a new perspective for how residents might live in coastal environments?

Proven techniques for constructing hurricane resistant homes have been in practice for decades. Circular designs assure that hurricane strength winds do not build up enough pressure on any side of a home to cause catastrophic structural failures. Radial support systems work in unison, reducing weak points. Superior prefabricated parts outperform construction materials that are commonly used in on-site assembly.

How do you design within a dynamic structurally proven system while providing an inviting coastal living opportunity? SHELTER provides designers the opportunity to explore emerging cultural trends. Participants may select one of the three unique structural shells below to design within. Upon registration you will receive the digital models for all three shells.



Competition Start Date     DEC 19, 2020

Advanced Entry Ends     JAN 26, 2021

Early Entry Ends     MAR 02, 2021

Regular Entry Ends     APR 03, 2021

Submission Deadline     APR 03, 2021

Results Announced     APRIL 2021


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