Submission: 12th October 2023
Registration: 30th September 2023
Language: English
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Type: Open


The essay competition aims to explore the critical role of architecture in promoting sustainability and creating a better future for our planet. 

As the world faces environmental challenges and the urgent need for sustainable development, architects play a crucial part in designing and constructing buildings that minimize their environmental impact and contribute to the well-being of occupants and communities. This competition invites participants to delve into the concept of sustainability in architecture, showcasing innovative ideas, best practices, and the potential of architecture to drive positive change.

Essay Requirements:

  1. Define Sustainability in Architecture: Explain what sustainability means in the context of architecture and its fundamental principles. Discuss the importance of sustainable design, materials, and construction techniques, highlighting their potential benefits for the environment, society, and the economy.
  2. Sustainable Design Strategies: Explore various sustainable design strategies employed in architecture, such as passive design, energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste reduction. Discuss how these strategies can be integrated into architectural projects to minimize the ecological footprint and promote long-term sustainability.
  3. Case Studies: Select and analyze one or more real-life architectural projects that embody sustainability principles. Describe the key features, design choices, and technologies employed in these projects, emphasizing their environmental and social impact. Assess their success and identify any challenges encountered during the implementation.
  4. Urban Planning and Community Engagement: Address the role of architecture in urban planning and community engagement for sustainability. Discuss how architects can collaborate with urban planners, policymakers, and local communities to create sustainable neighborhoods, revitalized public spaces, and resilient cities. Explore the importance of social equity and inclusivity in sustainable architectural design.
  5. Technological Innovations and Future Trends: Investigate emerging technologies and innovations that have the potential to revolutionize sustainable architecture. This could include advancements in materials, construction techniques, renewable energy integration, and smart building technologies. Assess the opportunities and challenges associated with adopting these innovations and discuss their potential impact on the future of architecture.
  6. Conclusion: Summarize the key points discussed in the essay, emphasizing the pivotal role of architecture in shaping a sustainable future. Reflect on the potential of sustainable design and architectural practices to mitigate environmental impact, improve human well-being, and foster resilient communities. Highlight the responsibility architects hold in promoting sustainable development and encourage further research and innovation in the field.


  • This competition is open to all.
  • You can participate individually or as a team (Maximum 4 members in a team)



    • Registration deadline:  30th September 2023
  • Submission Starts:  1st September 2023
  • Submission Ends: 12th October 2023
  • Result Announcement: 24th December 2023



  • Winners (X3): Certificate of achievement + Publication + Interview
  • Honourable mentions (X3): Certificates + Publication 
  • Shortlisted entries (X10): Certificates 

*All the certificates will be attested and e-format.



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Date: July 16, 2023