The Better Philadelphia Challenge

Submission: October 24, 2014
Registration: October 2, 2014
Language: English 
Location: Philadelphia, USA
Prizes1st prize: $5,000
Type: Open competition for students and young architects.

Petty Island, the site of multiple development proposals over the centuries (even Louis Sullivan drafted plans for an entertainment complex on the island in 1907), languishes today as a nearly-forgotten storage site for petroleum tanks and cargo containers.

How might Petty Island – and the land adjacent to it on the Philadelphia side of the Delaware River – be developed as a visionary 21st Century complex that creatively addresses today’s and tomorrow’s cultural, environmental, and economic needs?

The 2015 competition is open to students of all disciplines and academic levels who are registered at a college or university for the duration of the competition (October 03 – 24, 2014). Entries may be submitted by individuals or by teams of any size and from any discipline, as long as all members of the team are matriculating students. Teams may include students from one school or from several schools.

Entrants MUST electronically submit one (1) presentation board which measures 80” wide x 40” tall (203cm x 101.5cm) as a PDF document. Entrants MUST also electronically submit one (1) 10-slide PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. The purpose of this slide show is to help tell the story of your proposal and will also become the basis of your public presentation at the awards ceremony, should your team win.