hollywood competition

The Last House on Mulholland

Submission: February 10, 2017
Registration: February 09, 2017
Language: English
Location: Hollywood, USA
Prizes: 1st Prize: US$ 3000 , 2nd Prize: US$ 2000, 3rd Prize: US$ 1000
Type: Open


Arch Out Loud is partnering with Last House on Mulholland to host the HOLLYWOOD design competition. The competition asks participants to design a house of the future which demonstrates the use of innovative technology, integrative environmental strategies, and capitalizes on the iconic prominence of its site beneath the famed Hollywood sign.  The competition serves as a design charette generating ideas about the potential for what the site could become and how it can inspire the future of residential design.The project’s design competition is seeking responsibly designed, environmentally sustainable, residential living space investigating the design and capabilities of a modern day home.


Tearns may be formed by one (1) individual or up to four (4) members. Tearn members can come from different countries and universities. Additionally, interdisciplinary teams are allowed, although it is recommended that at least one member have an architectural background.

Under no circumstances will members of the jury, members of the organization or persons with a direct personal or professional relationship with members of the jury be allowed to participate in this competition.


The HOLLYWOOD competition will serve as a design charette to explore the potential of the site, its relation to the Hollywood Sign and the surrounding park and community. Participants will have the freedom to explore the home’s program, design style and contextual relationship. The competition will challenge the traditional approach to residential design as well as the nature of a modern day home. Participants will study the role a home plays in our lives, both today and in the future.

Hollywoodland, established in 1923, is the neighborhood for which the iconic sign was built to advertise. Located at the top of the famed Beachwood Canyon it was to be the first themed hillside residential development in the US. Architects like John DeLario, Richard Neutra and John Lautner are all represented.

The neighborhood, surrounded by Griffith Park, has a special relationship with the park. The developers original 1923 intentions were to create a community of homes that embraced the environment, were design-worthy and built for modern families. LHOM aims to become an inclusive example. By embracing sustainable features, modern design and a modern way of life, LHOM aligns with the original fundamentals of the Hollywoodland developers and  the neighborhood.


Prizes total $6,000

1st Place – $3,000 + Certificate

2nd Place – $2,000 + Certificate
3rd Place – $1,000 + Certificate

10 Honorable Mentions – Certificate & Publication

Directors Choice – Certificate & Publication

Owners Choice – Certificate & Publication


All proposals will be considered in order to determine 50 submissions that will advance to the final round. Projects will advance based on the outlined competition objectives and evaluation criteria. The jury will select winners after review of each finalist’s proposal. The jury’s decision is final and sovereign in determining the overall winner, second place, third place and 10 honorable mentions. The jury has the right to add additional honorable mentions as it feels necessary.

Directors’ Choice award will be determined by the arch out loud competition organizers. The award will be given following the announcement of winners.

Owners’ Choice award will be determined by the site owner, Steve Alper. The award will be given following the announcement of winners.

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