volume genetics


Submission: July 01, 2020
Registration: June 15, 2020
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The success of any visual storytelling or designer relies mainly onwhat the audience perceives. Shapes have an endless variety ofcharacteristics, each communicating different messages to theaudience. Anything and everything, from elements in a photograph tocertain typography or a built mass, can be analyzed in terms of shape.

All the bits and pieces of the shapes or geometries inside yourdesigns, presentations, infographics or visual strategies are tellingtheir own story. Look around you and observe shapes in designs and nature and thinkabout what they are saying to you, what they make you feel, what theyare communicating. Do they enhance or hinder the message of the designs you see? What do you feel when you see a circle? A square? Atriangle? Are you affected when you see an object with soft gentlecurves as you are when seeing another object with sharp jagged edges? A Shape is more than just a group of connected lines and the visualperception from it narrates meaning to the ​lines​, shapes orgeometries. They are important building blocks in ​the visualvocabulary we have at our disposal as the designers and can be usedto:

●set a mood or emotion

●create a travel path for the eye around the design

●create depth or movement


As we understand the essence of 3D geometric shapes and its importancein the visual communication of ideas, such as a cube is perceived as asolid geometry, a pyramid is a balanced geometry, etc. We need you toinvent your own dream volume, which is unique, creative and definesthe visual impact you have associated with it by exemplifying thepractical experience created. If the geometric shape could accommodatehuman necessities or functions, it would be an added advantage to thedesign.


Form​ and its opposite, space,constitute primary elements ofarchitecture​…. Just asinternal space is created byvoids in building ​form​, exteriorspace can be defined or poorlydefined by the building ​form​ aswell.


We are not looking for the interpretations of the experiences createdfrom the geometries that have been defined earlier. We need you tocreate your unique volume/geometric shape, narrate visual impact fromit and justify the efficiency of the volume. You can also name thegeometry you have invented, as you are the sole creator of it. We needyour design as renders of your 3D space, it could be as tiny as anattic or a huge monument. We wanted to challenge you to challenge thepre-existing context of the rigid spaces and come up with organic andinnovative spaces which are efficient too. Submission should berestricted to a maximum of 2 A3 sheets and the total size of yoursubmission should not exceed 5MB.


FIRST PRIZE: Cash Prize Worth Rs.4,000 (INR) + Certificate + A chance to attend Parakraft Workshop
SECOND PRIZE: Cash Prize Worth Rs.3,000 (INR) + Certificate + A chance to attend Parakraft Workshop
THIRD PRIZE: Cash Prize Worth Rs.2,000 (INR) + Certificate + A chance to attend Parakraft Workshop
10 HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Certificate + A chance to attend Parakraft Workshop