water temple competition

Water Temple

Submission: June 05, 2021
Registration: June 04, 2021
Language: English, Espaniol
Location: Basaltic Prisms of Santa Maria Regla, Mexico
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Quechua Architecture Competition, Q.A.C., welcomes all participants to take part of this challenge which consists in presenting and developing a project that explores diverse fields of thinking and design. The challenge for this occasion is “Water Temple”. As one of the most amazing places in Mexico, the Basaltic Prisms of Santa Maria Regla, represent not only one of the most beatiful places in the world, but a tremendous history; being named as the “first magical town” of Mexico, Huasca de Ocampo is the place where the prisms live and pose for the world.

Since the Basaltic Prisms are a result of volcanic eruptions, the topography itself generates a river that crosses the 4 cascades in the place.

As a result, the water presents a marvelous movement through the very little complex that the prisms are, and present the marvelous challenge to create a site dedicated to the most valuable resource the humanity has, water.

Q.A.C. thanks and admires all designers who are willing to take the challenge.



Regular registration starts – April 12 (h 00:30 GMT-5)

Regular registration ends – May 16 (h 00:30 GMT-5)

Late registration starts – May 17 (h 00:30 GMT-5)

Late registration ends – June 04 (h 00:30 GMT-5)

Material Submission Deadline – June 05

Results Announcement – June 30



1st Prize – 500 $ + Free registration for the next Q.A.C. competition + Publication in Q.A.C. website, social media.

2nd Prize – 200 $ + Publication in Q.A.C. website, social media.

3rd Prize – 100 $ + Publication in Q.A.C. website, social media.

6 Honorable Mentions

12 Finalists

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