Why to take part in architecture competition ?

Why architecture competitions? Here are 5 reasons.

Architecture competitions, why should I take part? If I were to give you 5 reasons as to why architecture competitions are crucial or your career, would you reconsider your perspective and dive into one yourself? We, Competitions archi, as the best architecture competition listing, are here to give you 5 reasons why.

Why to take part in architecture competition ?
Credits: ‘The Great Island of Replicas’, an illustrated story by Constantinos Marcou


  1. Exercises your creativity

To begin, as students and practising architects, you should always seek opportunities to exercise your creativity and experiment with new concepts. No matter what stage you are in your career, there will always be limitations to your creativity, whether that’s due to the client, budget, deadlines or software’s that you may be using. Within your office or university, you will always be presented with restrictions which prevents you from exploring your creativity. Over a period of time, you could be exhausting your creativity and become somewhat demotivated.

Architecture competitions give you the opportunity to step out of your day-to-day routine and test new concepts and ideas that you have. They give you the ability to make mistakes and learn from them, which is something you’re unable to do in the real world without losing your job or receiving a bad grade in class. Essentially, across any profession you can’t be successful without making mistakes along the way and competitions gives you this chance.

As practising architects, creativity in our line of work is important. In competing, the more out-of-the-box creative ideas you have, the better. Depending on what competition you enter, use them to further the ideas you may have had during the studio or within the office and most importantly, ensure you flex your creative muscles. To find that killer creative idea, sometimes it is useful to source previous examples of work and luckily for you, we competitions.archi have a 2019 Architecture Competition Yearbook that is full of truly inspiring projects and ideas.

  1. Boosts your portfolio

Treat your portfolio like it’s your baby, you should protect, feed and allow it to grow big and strong. Portfolios represent your life’s work and are vital to get you a job at any stage of your career. Competitions are another opportunity to add to your portfolio and show off your skills that you have been unable to showcase so far within your practise.

In searching for jobs, you want to give yourself the best chance possible and your entrance in a competition could be a standout feature to your portfolio that proves to be pivotal in capturing your dream job. Though you might find yourself not winning every competition, it is the taking part that counts by showing that you are willing to add to your practice. Using competitions to add to your portfolio will also show that you have confidence in your ability and that you are willing and able to put yourself out there against others.

For younger designers, during your time at university, it is normal to not have the time or chance to gain experience within a firm and so competitions may be that moment to create a portfolio that represent you as a designer and what you aim to further explore as a practising architect.

  1. Builds self confidence

Confidence comes and goes. Whether that’s confidence in your ideas, ability to present in front of groups of people as a student or walking into a life changing meeting as a practising architect. Throughout your career, confidence will always fluctuate depending on challenges or issues you may be facing. Competitions can provide that confidence boost. A chance to receive feedback from a panel of professional judges without pressures from your boss or tutors.

Whether you like it or not, as daunting as they it might be, presentations to clients, groups of people and fellow architects are fundamental in sharing ideas, selling a project and gathering feedback. Competitions provides you with another opportunity to build your confidence within presentations, develop your experience and further your understanding about architecture. This confidence can then be fed into your studio work, your surrounding colleagues and peers.

As a student, building self confidence to carry into the world of architecture will give you a great platform to build on. In your hunt to find what you truly love about architecture, confidence in your own ideas is the first step in forming fantastic projects.

  1. They are good practice

If you put your all into a competition and don’t win, does that mean you’ve failed? Absolutely not. Experience is everything. Essentially, the more projects and competitions that you take part in, the more experience you are gaining as a practising architect. Architecture is a very competitive field and you may feel like you are involved in small daily battles, but competitions are available to put new skills into practice and another occasion to put pencil to paper.

Practice, practice, practice is all you can do as a student and practising architect to evolve into the best possible designer. All entries receive judges’ comments, that discuss strengths and weaknesses of each project which aims to encourage your growth as a designer. We have all been in positions where we feel our work isn’t getting the credit, we feel it deserves but it is important not to take feedback to heart and instead use it as fuel to add to the creative fire.

  1. Gain desired recognition

Finally, within such a competitive field, gaining self or studio recognition could elevate yourself above fellow firms in the race to capture the biggest clients and projects. If you were to be a winning entry in a competition, you instantly give yourself desired recognition and shows that you are serious about what you do. A boost in clientele and local or even worldwide acknowledgment also add to the long list of positives in entering competitions. The beauty in competitions is that you may be up against a couple people, a couple hundred or maybe even thousands of people depending on the level of the competition, which means that you have the chance to showcase your work to a huge amount of competitors.

Alongside individual submissions, you may find yourself in competitions where you work in teams which gives you a chance to form connections and teamwork skills. Building connections and relationships is fundamental in finding your feet within the world of architecture.

Overall, as we have identified, there are many pros in entering architecture competitions from exercising your creativity to gaining international recognition. It is greatly important to take competitions into consideration and I hope that we have given you some motivation to get competing. If you would like to see examples of winning entries to spark your inspiration, we have the latest version of Architecture Competition Yearbook available to purchase on our website – just check the link below.