YACademy students measure themselves with the world of yachting design

Design Attitude is the project of Fondazione Fashion Research Italy – the nonprofit Foundation of Cav. Alberot Masotti – that, during the year 2022, has seen a series of YACademy alumni collaborating with some of the most distinguished names in contemporary design on projects to actualize Renzo Brandone Fund.

A collection of invaluable textile art designs, Brandone Fund is an inexhaustible mine of creative inspirations predominantly oriented to the fashion industry, but also able to express much in the design field.

Design Attitude then asked 6 leading designers – including De Lucchi, Ben Van Berkel, and David Chipperfield – to imagine, together with YACademy students, furniture and interior solutions that would make use of the textures preserved in the Fund.

Among these experiences, one of the main and most successful is the one that witnessed the collaboration of the students with Francesco Pazskowsky, an archistar in the nautic field, through the partnership with Baglietto – among the most excellent and prestigious shipyards in the world.

The exercise was to imagine that, in a product as exclusive and exceptional as a yacht, Baglietto’s owners could find the opportunity to identify an additional element of uniqueness in the use of prints that refer to the creative heritage of the golden years of made-in-Italy fashion.

Thus, the designs of Brandone Fund become textures, ceramics, wallpapers, upholstery and chandeliers that decorate the elegant and precious interiors of Baglietto yachts.

An adventure not confined to the nautical world only: coherently to a project of exclusivity and luxury out of the ordinary, it was imagined that the Fund’s designs would exit the owner’s cabins and yachts, to become an exclusive capsule collection designed for the single boat and owner. The owner of a Baglietto yacht will thus be able not only to inhabit his or her favorite textures, but also to wear them, in moments of relaxation, certain to be its sole owner and user.

This article shows the results of the projects that, under the tutorship of Francesco Paszkowski, came to life as a result of the work of YACademy’s architectural designers. Baglietto’s framework has indeed represented the ideal context for a collaboration between designers belonging to different fields of study, acting as a meeting place between disciplines and as a player suitable to enhance their respective specificities.

The architectural designers were asked to implement the yachts’ interior, building an aesthetic that, starting from the Fund’s prints, could optimally integrate the needs of a potential luxury customer and the latest stylistic trends.

The oriental traits of the work proposed by Denislav Sokolov emerge from an in-depth study of the modularity inherent in naval design, modularity that is extraordinarily close to the Japanese spatial conception based on tatami.

From such parallelism takes shape a space where harmony is sought as a play of proportions, materiality is reduced to the essentials, and chiaroscuros define the environment more than solid structures.

In Sreelakshmi Gopinath’s project, on the other hand, the design has inspired not only the ornamental motifs of the interior, but also the structure of the furnishings, in which sinuous shapes, derived from the digitizing and modeling of the print, literally shape the ceilings and walls of the bedroom.

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