AlterEgo Art Battle

Submission: May 15, 2016
Registration: May 15, 2016
Language: English
Location: Berlin, Germany
Prizes: 1st Prize: 10,000 €, 2nd Prize: 5,000 €, 3nd Prize: 2,000 €
Type: Open – 2 round


The AlterEgo ArtBattle is your opportunity to create the next level of interior design in Europe’s trend capital – Berlin. We’re looking for innovative, exciting talent, who can create living spaces that let out an individual’s Alter Ego, luring the artist, philosopher, or bohemian among us all, and reflecting it within the four walls of a home. A home they’ve always dreamt of, but never had the courage to build.

Your Task

Participants must design the interior of a one-bedroom apartment of circa 44 sq.m. within a budget of EUR 12,500 (excluding kitchen and bathroom).

All styles and themes are encouraged, and no restrictions are set, to let you give the space your own signature. The apartment will be handed over to you for installation, unfurnished with white walls, as your blank canvas.

(A short list of minimum suggested items to be furnished can be found in the Guidelines.)

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