Award for Excellence in Architectural Design

Submission: September 30, 2022
Registration: September 15, 2022
Language: English
Location: Online
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Every year millions of students enrol themselves to architecture programs. Throughout their degree, they create brilliant pieces of architecture and design that go united and undiscovered. We understand the thought process that stays behind the academic projects, be it a small sketch or a full-fledged project.

With a minimal fee and uniquely curated awards we find those brilliant pieces, exhibit them through our website and online platforms, furthermore, accolade them with monetary prizes and certificates.

The brief is same as your current design project!
We welcome your academic/personal architectural design project as an entry which you prepared this semester with all your heart. It could be a small house or a full-fledged mixed use development project. We take into account your ideologies, creative thinking and sensitivity towards architecture and its allied fields as a student. Furthermore, we make sure you compete with students of same level as yours.

Eligibility & Registration

Undergraduate Students of Architecture and Design of all years are eligible to register in the awards in their respective categories.

  • Freshman Category (First Year Students)
  • Sophomore Category (Second Year Students)
  • Junior Category (Third Year Students)
  • Senior Category (Fourth/Fifth Year Students)

Kindly upload a scanned copy of college ID in the Registration form for category confirmation, else the registration shall stand incomplete. Please make sure that your ID card reflects that you are the current student of the category you are registering under. If not, please upload any document that does. In case the project was done in a group, names and college IDs of the group members need to be mentioned on the form. International undergraduate architecture students (outside India) are eligible to participate.

Participants need to submit their original works of current semester only. The last date to submit the entries is 30th September, 2022.

Judgement & Prizes

Winner- 4000 INR (each category) + E-Certificate of Excellence + Publication on website and online portals of archiDots.

First Special Mention- E-Certificate of Appreciation + Publication on website and online portals of archiDots.

Second Special Mention- E-Certificate of Appreciation + Publication on website and online portals of archiDots.

Participants- E- Certificate of Participation

1. As each project might be different in terms of being residential, commercial, mixed-use etc, the jury panel shall judge the entry on the basis of concept/inspiration and quality of work.

2. The judgement would be unbiased as winners shall be announced from each category, which means every student competes with the students of same level.

3. The registration fee and dates shall be as follows:-
Early Registration (11th Jun – 15th Jul, 22) – 250 INR
Standard Registration (16th Jul – 15th Aug, 22) – 350 INR
Late Registration (16th Aug – 15th Sept, 22) – 500 INR

4. One winner and two honourable mentions shall be selected from each category. The monetary prize shall be given to the winners only. In case of a group entry, the monetary prize shall remain same and could be split among the group members at personal levels.



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