CAREfully designed

Submission: October 17, 2016
Registration: October 17, 2016
Language: English
Location: Horst, Netherlands
Prizes: 1st Prize: €2.200 and chance to work with us on the project
Type: Open


Dichterbij (a Dutch care institution that supports children and adults with intellectual disabilities) is looking for a new design for the Mikado site. Where formerly the care institution cared for about a hundred clients under intensive care, the number has now dropped to under fifty.

A variety of influencing factors in the healthcare field, the relocation of residents, and the increasing age of clients, are making the building more difficult to fill. In addition, the buildings have aged and no longer satisfy the residents’ needs, resulting in a preference for placing clients at other locations. The requirement for this location is as follows: to create a design that will accommodate long-term care. The basis of the design should be healthcare 2.0, also allowing space for other functions, and not a standard healthcare concept.

One is free to interpret the healthcare 2.0 concept in one’s own way, with virtually everything being acceptable. But take care! The location is in the middle of a residential area and the residents place a high level of importance on the quality of life in the village. We want to guarantee the quality of life, which means that the new design should complement its environment. So take care with the design and design with care!

1° PRIZE – 1.500 € + chance to work with us on the project

2° PRIZE – 400 €

3° PRIZE – 300 €


04 JUL 2016 – 11 SEP 2016“early bird” registration
40 Euro

12 SEP 2016 – 02 OCT 2016 “standard” registration
50 Euro

03 OCT 2016 – 17 OCT 2016 “late” registration
60 Euro

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