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Welcome to the forefront of architectural innovation with Archiol Competitions! We extend a warm invitation to architects, designers, and innovators from around the globe to embark on a journey of creativity and sustainable development through our esteemed event: The Green Learning Spaces – Rural School Design 2024 competition.

In an era where the nexus between education and sustainability is paramount, our competition stands as a beacon for transformative design thinking. Rural communities often face unique challenges in accessing quality educational infrastructure that not only fosters learning but also harmonizes with the environment. It is within this context that we call upon the brightest minds in architecture and design to envision and craft pioneering solutions.

At the heart of this competition lies a dual objective: to nurture creativity and to promote sustainability. We challenge participants to reimagine the traditional concept of a school by infusing it with green principles, seamlessly integrating it into the rural landscape while ensuring optimal functionality and educational efficacy. This is an opportunity to transcend conventional boundaries, to blur the lines between architecture and environmental stewardship, and to leave an indelible mark on communities in need.

Join us in this quest to redefine the future of education, one sustainable design at a time. Let your creativity soar as you embark on this transformative journey with Archiol Competitions. 



The primary objective of this competition is to envision and design a sustainable rural school that serves as an innovative learning environment while integrating harmoniously with the natural surroundings. The design should prioritize functionality, sustainability, and fostering a conducive atmosphere for education.



Participants are required to develop a comprehensive design program that includes:

  • Classrooms for various age groups
  • Administration offices and staff facilities
  • Multi-purpose spaces for extracurricular activities
  • Outdoor learning areas
  • Sustainable infrastructure (rainwater harvesting, renewable energy sources, waste management systems, etc.)
  • Consideration for local cultural aspects in design.


Participants are free to choose the location for their school. The site should be a rural setting, but it should be a real-world location with specific geographical, topographical, and climatic conditions.



Participants are encouraged to exhibit flexibility in their designs, allowing for future adaptability and expansion. The design should be versatile enough to accommodate potential changes in educational methodologies and community needs.


Sustainability is a key aspect of this competition. Designs should prioritize:

  • Utilization of renewable energy sources
  • Incorporation of passive design strategies for natural ventilation and lighting
  • Implementation of eco-friendly materials and construction methods
  • Integration of green spaces and biophilic design elements



Submissions should include:

  • Architectural drawings (plans, sections, elevations)
  • 3D visualizations or renderings showcasing the design
  • Detailed explanation of design concepts and sustainability strategies
  • Technical specifications and materials used
  • Site analysis and integration strategy



  • Top 3: Certificate + Interview + Publication + score card with inputs
  • Honourable mention: Certificate + Publication.
  • Shortlisted: Certificate.



  • Registration Opens: 16th February 2024
  • Registration Deadline: 1st March 2025
  • Submission Deadline: 20th March 2025
  • Winners Announcement: 10th July 2025







ADVANCED REG 01 Feb 16th – April 1st  2024 25 500
AR 02 April 2nd – May 1st  27 700
AR 03 May 2nd – Jun 1st 2024 30 900
STANDARD REG 01 Jun 2nd – Jul 1st 2024 32 1000
SR 02 Jul 2nd – Aug 1st 2024 34 1200
SR 03 Aug 2nd – Sept 1st 2024 36 1400
SR 04 Sept 2nd – Oct 1st 2024 38 1600
SR 05 Oct 2nd – Nov 1st 2024 40 1650
SR 06 Nov 2nd – Dec 1st 2024 42 1700
LATE REG 01 Dec 2nd – Jan 1st 2024 44 1750
LR 02 Jan 2nd – Feb 1st 2025 46 1800
LR 03 Feb 2nd – Mar 1st 2025 50 2000



  • Architecture Students group 
    • min. 5 participants from the same institution: 10% off on regular & late registration fee.
    • min. 15 participants from the same institution: 20% off on regular & registration fee.



Participants are required to submit the following materials:

  • Design sheets (2 -5) jpeg. / jpg. Format. (dimension: 30cm x 30cm,  file size: 25mb)
  • Design description with a title (Min. 300 words) – docx. / docs. Format


Entries will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation and creativity in design approach
  • Integration with the natural environment and site context
  • Sustainability and eco-friendly design solutions
  • Functionality and efficiency in space planning
  • Feasibility and adaptability of the design for rural educational needs
  • Aesthetic appeal and architectural expression



The competition is open to architects, designers, artists, and creative thinkers from around the world. Participants can enter as individuals or in teams (max. 4 members in one team). 


Date: February 19, 2024