Gwalior Trade Fair Competition

Submission: November 25, 2016
Registration: September 25, 2016
Language: English
Location: Gwalior, India
Prizes: 1st Prize: INR 50,000/-, 2nd Prize: INR 30,000/-, 3rd Prize: INR 20,000/-
Type: Open


The aim of the competition is to re-design Gwalior Trade Fair, which has been scrawl with the millennial. Hence to reawaken the glory of a historic city and to give back the original charm, through sustainable architecture, for the Land which is owned by Gwalior Trade Fair Authority. The design solution should lie within the boundaries of the following statements.

• An Integrated approach to reach the inventive side of the Fair by rearranging the spaces in a more colourful way. Unusual and controversial form that uses all the benefits of modern technology certainly attracts the attention of visitors, but this is not always enough. Hence the competition aims to develop the structures which can regenerate the allurement of more than 100 years old carnival. Comprehend and feel the pragmatic programmes together that can settle down to enhance the commercial viability of the space.

• Cost effectiveness, Sustainable planning and innovative revenue regeneration methods Design a sustainable form of Gwalior Vyapaar Mela which can differentiate it from the competitors using cost- effective techniques and methods in the planning. Adding more creative and functional spaces which can also be used throughout the year when Gwalior trade fair (Mela) is not running, and help in revenue generation and increase in footfall.

• To solve the functional problems and make the spaces more dynamic in nature. A solution to this can be Temporary structures which can be then dismantled after the Exhibition or Fair is finished, and is less cheaper than permanent structures as it can also be altered according to the space requirements. But, designing temporary structures should also make you think what happens to the materials used in the temporary structure and think of a possibility of having less wastage, re-use the materials and save money.

Another option could be a fresh new technique and solutions to be adopted to make the exhibition spaces more suitable for different kinds of exhibition. Hence keeping the above things in mind, a research can be done on transformable architecture and how well it can be adopted to the requirements.


  • –  Participant teams will be disqualified if any of the competition rules or submission requirements are not considered.
  • –  Participants assumes acceptance of the regulations.
  • –  Registration number is the only means of identification of a team as it is an anonymous competition.
  • –  The registration fee is non-refundable.
  • –  Contacting the Jury is prohibited.
  • –  SqrFactor as the competition organizer, reserves the right to modify the competition schedule if deemed necessary.


Early Registration:
From 20th August to 15th September 2016 INR 1350 (per team)

Standard Registration:
From 15th September 2016 to 25th September 2016 INR 1950 (per Team)

Entrants may register by filling the registration form and submitting it with the appropriate payment through our secure gateway on our website www.sqrfactor.in

Note: With the Referal Code: ” Competitions.archi “ you will  get 10 USD discount while registering.


• Your proposal must be presented on maximum three landscape oriented A1 sheets using any technique of your own choice (sketches, diagrams, 3D visualizations, model photos, CAD drawings, etc.)

• All text must be in English. All delivered material must be marked with your team code, presented clearly in the top right-hand corner of all your sheets. Your sheets must not include ANY information that may give away your identity. DO NOT include your name on your sheets, only the team code.

Format: A single folder (TeamCode.zip) named as your team code containing the following files must be submitted via email to submission@sqrfactor.in

High-resolution PDF containing all A1 sheets for your project. THE MAXIMUM FILE SIZE IS 20MB FOR THIS FILE.

THE NAME OF THE FILE YOU SHALL USE IS: TeamCode.pdf SUBJECT OF EMAIL : Subject of the email must be your team code.


First Prize- INR 50,000/- + Certificate

Second Prize- INR 30,000/- + Certificate

Third Prize- INR 20,000/- + Certificate

Top 10 Entries except top 3 winners will be awarded INR 5,000/- + Certificate

5 Special Recognition and Awards for the Teachers/Mentors having maximum teams in top 30 short-listed entries.

Top 30 – Top Thirty short-listed entries will be featured on Sqrfactor’s website + Certificates.

Top 3 Colleges – Certificate and Special recognition + Books and Educational/Research Material for library of top three colleges having maximum participation.

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