IsArch Awards for Architecture Students

Submission: October 15, 2016
Registration: September 30, 2016
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: 1st Prize: €3,000, 2nd Prize: €2,000, 3rd Prize: €1,000
Type: Students & Young Architects


The IS ARCH Awards are international awards targeting students of architecture. Our aim is to provide a platform for debate surrounding the architecture solutions that students contribute within the framework of their university studies. The competition aims to boost avant-garde trends and to recognize new research that emerges from universities. It also provides students’ work with an opportunity for international projection that extends beyond the traditional relationship between students and their lecturers.

The IS ARCH Awards require an insight and collaboration between the various teaching and learning methodologies for architecture adopted by participating universities. This cooperation creates a favourable environment for open reflection and comment, which is crucial in order to move forward and progress in architectural knowledge and know- how.

A further objective of the IS ARCH Awards is to encourage young people to join the debate on architecture, contributing with their unique vision and opinions. The philosophy behind the IS ARCH Awards is to support the creativity of young and emerging talent and to boost debate between the various students that take part in this initiative.


The competition is opened to all students of architecture and young architects that have graduated within the last 3 years prior to the date of sending in the necessary documents. Each participant or team participants may submit as many projects as they wish, regardless of their nature, programme and budget. The panel of judges will take all entries into consideration. The proposals may be entered by individual students or groups of students.


First prize €3,000

Second prize €2,000

Third prize €1,000

10 Honourable mentions. 30 Finalists.

We are managing several agreements for doing professional practices at Architecture studios.
As part of its interest in promoting the winning projects, IS ARCH is in contact with various specialised journals and websites in order to secure their publication. All selected works will be published on ISARCH’s various platforms.


Entries will only be accepted if the participants are correctly registered. All registrations must be made via the IS ARCH website. Participants must fill in all the sections included on the form and click on SEND.

Once they have filled in and sent the registration form, participants will receive a confirmation email specifying the methods of payment. Participants who fail to receive this email should check their spam box.

The entry fee corresponds to the period in which the registration is done and is the price that each participating team is required to pay, regardless of the number of members in each team. In the event that a team wishes to enter several proposals, it will have to register as many times as projects want to register to the IS ARCH Awards individually.

In order for an entry to be accepted for competition, the registration form must be filled in, payment made and all necessary documents sent prior to the closing date for sending in entries. Projects must be submitted before the limit date mentioned, regardless of the inscription period registered. Entries must be sent by email. The files, with the same name as the one registered on the website should be sent in jpg format to awards@isarch.org


The documents should consist of academic projects carried out at university and mounted horizontally on a single DIN A1 panel. The name of the project must be stated correctly in the bottom right-hand corner of the panel. All proposals must be anonymous

and the text which appears on it in English. The authors may also include all information they consider necessary in order to fully understand the project: planes, sections, perspectives, photos of the model, sketches and specifications, etc.

Entries must be in JPG format with a resolution of 300 dpi and the maximum file size is 20MB. The name of the JPG should be the TITLE of the project submitted.

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