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Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that explores fundamental questions about the nature of reality, existence, and the relationship between mind and matter. 

While architecture is traditionally associated with the physical aspects of designing and constructing buildings, the integration of metaphysical principles within architectural discourse opens up a realm of possibilities for deeper meaning and enhanced human experiences. This essay competition invites participants to delve into the fascinating intersection of metaphysics and architecture, exploring how metaphysical concepts can shape the built environment and transcend the material world.


The objective of this essay competition is to encourage participants to critically analyze and creatively explore the incorporation of metaphysical principles in architecture. Participants should examine the theoretical foundations of metaphysics, identify relevant concepts, and propose innovative ways in which these concepts can be applied in architectural design and practice. The aim is to showcase the transformative potential of metaphysics in shaping the architectural landscape and enhancing the well-being of individuals and communities.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Essays should be written in English and be between 2,500 and 3,500 words in length.
  • Submissions must be original work and properly cited using a recognized referencing style (e.g., APA, MLA).
  • Essays should be submitted in a PDF format, with a cover page containing the participant’s name, contact information, and a short biography.
  • Submissions must be sent to the designated email address by the specified deadline.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Depth of understanding and critical analysis of metaphysical concepts.
  • Creativity and originality in proposing innovative applications in architectural design.
  • Clarity and coherence of arguments presented.
  • Engagement with relevant theoretical and practical examples.
  • Overall quality of writing and presentation.


  • This competition is open to all.
  • You can participate individually or as a team (Maximum 4 members in a team)

Submission Requirements:

  • An image representing your essay – jpg/jpeg format – (45x45cm)
  • Design description with a title– docx. / docs. Format


Registration deadline:  31st December 2023

Submission Starts:  1st December 2023

Submission Ends: 20th January 2024

Result Announcement: 30th April 2024


Free entry.


  • Winners (X3): Certificate of achievement + Publication + Interview
  • Honourable mentions (X3): Certificates + Publication 
  • Shortlisted entries (X10): Certificates 

*All the certificates will be attested and e-format.


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Competition: https://www.archiol.org/competitions/metaphysics-in-architecture-2023