Outstanding Individuals in Architecture Awards

Submission: 25 september 2023
Registration: 25 september 2023
Language: English/International
Location: International
Prizes: View website
Type: International Architecture and Design Awards


1. Aspiring Architect of the Year
This award is designed to recognise and encourage not-yet qualified aspiring architects who have shown exceptional promise and potential in the field. It is an opportunity to acknowledge the next generation of architectural talent, and to support their continued growth and development.

2. Architect of the Year
This award is given to an architect who has achieved a high level of excellence in their work, and
made a lasting impact on the profession. It is a recognition of their skill, creativity, and an acknowledgement of their contribution to the future of architecture.

3. Designer of the Year
This award is open to all designers with expertise in the creative fields such as fashion, animation, interiors, landscape design, media, and any other creative background. We are looking for the next big name in design.

4. Lifetime Achievement for their Contribution to Architecture
This award is a tribute to an architect who has dedicated their career to advancing the field of architecture. It recognises their lifetime commitment to the profession, and the significant contributions they have made through their work, research, and mentorship.

5. Outstanding Leader in Architecture of the Year
This award is designed to honour an individual who has demonstrated exceptional leadership in the field of architecture. This could be through their management of projects, their influence in the community, or their ability to inspire and mentor others. They have made a significant impact on the profession and are a role model for others. A true architectural leader.

6. Women in Architecture Award
This award celebrates the achievements of inspirational women in the field of architecture. It promotes women who have made significant contributions to the industry, and whose work has helped to promote and advance the role of women in architecture. This category aims to inspire and encourage more women to succeed in architecture and design.

7. Pride in Architecture Award
This award is specifically open to individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+ and recognises their excellence and leadership in promoting visibility and acceptance of LGBTQIA+ individuals and communities in architecture and design. The goal of this category is to inspire and encourage more LGBTQIA+ individuals to pursue careers in architecture and design and to create a more inclusive and diverse profession.


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