concrete picnic furniture

Public Space Design Competition: “Recreate Concrete Outdoor Picnic Furniture”

Submission: September 30,  2021
Registration: September 30, 2021
Language: English
Location: Belgium, Worldwide
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Free, Landscape Architecture


Public Space Design Competition, “Recreate Concrete Outdoor Picnic Furniture” is the second international open competition of ideas to reveal talents and fresh ideas that can benefit to the community sponsored by leading precast concrete company URBASTYLE.

It is open to students and young professionals up to 30 years old. Competition is anonymous (not based on reputation but talent) and there is no fee to enter. Candidates in the field of architecture, design, landscape, urban planning, engineering, are invited to challenge themselves, discover precast architectural concrete, and design precast concrete elements in relation with theme of picnic and specifically the trio: table-bench-trashcan.

Candidates are invited to think openly on what could be the picnics of tomorrow, alone or in couple, in family, with pets, wild animals, what will be the food, drinks on the table, … and integrating people with temporarily or permanent physical or cognitive disabilities of course. Picnics can be entertaining, relaxing or inviting us to eat and go and maybe keep the place tidy. Tomorrow may not be the same as today!

Ideas of candidates must be made of precast architectural concrete. Accent is also made on accessibility, “design for all” and eco-design.

Candidates are invited to present their ideas in sketches, precisely one idea on maximum 2x A3 paper sheets to submit in PDF.

The competition runs until 30 September 2021 at midnight. Then the international jury will start to work. 3 winners will receive a prize money of respectively 2000 €, 1200 € or 800 €. A prototype will be produced among the three first prizes by the sponsor and will be exhibited.

There will be a communication of the runner-ups. Their number depends on the decision of the jury.


The expert international jury is made of :

Alain Gilles (B), designer and President of the Jury
Victoria Milnes (USA), principal of 6¢ Design and Times Square Alliance, NY
Ian Rose (UK) Senior Associate landscape architect at Cracknell in Dubai
Lise Coirier(F), curator of Spazio Nobile and editor of TL Mag
Julie Almau Gonzalez (B), director of the Atomium in Brussels
Arnaud Bozzini (B), director of the Design Museum Brussels
Lucile Soufflet (B), designer
Jan Laroy (B), co-Founder and co-Director of URBASTYLE.


This competition has only one category and 3 official prizes.
– First prize: 2000 €
– Second prize: 1200 €
– Third prize: 800 €
– Honorable mentions at discretion of the Jury (no money prize).
– Publication of the results by the Sponsor and Organizer.

If a winning project is a project made by a group, the amount will be shared equally between all the participants of that group.

This second edition is organized by POSIDE and the regulations comply with the highest international standards of design competitions of ideas and respect of the rights of each participant.


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