Scandinavian Fjords Hidden Garden Escape

Submission: 28th October 2024 Registration: 28th October 2024 Location: UNESCO Nærøyfjord Language: English Prizes: £5,000+ Type: International, Students, Professionals

Design a hidden, off-grid escape and wellness retreat along the sloped bank of the Nærøyfjord UNESCO World Heritage Site, centred around a bountiful kitchen garden.

Test your design abilities and elevate your portfolio as you embark on an architectural journey like no other. Introducing our extraordinary competition – a proposal to imagine a haven of solace amidst the awe-inspiring embrace of the fjords. Picture an oasis of serenity, hidden away from the world, where visitors discover respite, gain the vital tools to conquer life’s challenges and reconnect with the nature around them.

Choose your own subject topic.

The escape should be designed specifically for a targeted group of users of your choice. This could be a supportive and safe learning environment for new parents to connect with their babies, a rehabilitation centre for those struggling with physical issues or a supportive care environment for those suffering from dementia or grief. The possibilities are endless.

As architects, your task is to conceive a fully sustainable, environmentally conscious holistic retreat that merges seamless seclusion with nurturing support and takes precedent from the nearby Viking Village. A bountiful kitchen garden should form the heart of your design, flourishing amidst the fjords’ grandeur, nurturing both body and soul. This is where food therapy and aromatherapy intertwine, where architectural brilliance meets transformative rejuvenation. Dare to conceive a world that takes design beyond what the eye can see – the safety and comfort of a hidden sanctuary for those in need.

Design with purpose.