tattoo vienna

TATTOOING VIENNA – The First Festival of Feral Architecture

Submission: August 15, 2017
Registration: August 13, 2017
Language: English
Location: Vienna, Austria
Prizes: Exhibition
Type: Open


Imagine yourself in a God-like position, high up in the sky… overseeing human affairs… and imagine Yourself reviewing and mapping the great city of Vienna, Austria.

What would You see…?!?

Truly, a very important Western city… great streets, great buildings, great palaces, great…

Yet, you would also see stern, dry, unbearably bare blocks where no trees, no visual events, no nothing animate the regular, predictable, lifeless facades of buildings, with a stern monotony that would make one scream, or cry, or both.

Civilized Vienna … the city too civilized to accept, any longer, the Crime of Ornament.

Yet, the very same Vienna , indulging, in some other parts in equally unbearable feasts of nausea provoking aesthetic sweetness, the kind even Hallmark might feel reticent to promote…

Sweetness and aridity… and in between, Vienna , Adolf Loos’ city…

Strangely, this very city that was supposed to banish the crime of ornament, has quite a number of tattooing shops… we can only wonder what Loos would have felt, knowing this paradox… that this very city, civilized and all, would still indulge in flirting with the knife…

Psychoanalytically, no doubt, an interesting case…

So we ask you to attempt to bridge the schism… we believe this can only be done from a position of recognizing that “the crime of ornament” can and must be accepted AS A CRIME as well, and not only as a sickening syrupous affair, as in the above mentioned excessive sweetness that generated the waltz and the pink birthday cake aesthetics and mentality.

Acknowledge the knife, acknowledge the crime, acknowledge darkness, acknowledge the wound, the scar, the wrinkle, acknowledge exactly what the excessively sweet facades hide or try to hide away… or, looking the other way, the excessively ordered, regular, stern facades, saying nothing, absolutely nothing about doubts, wrinkles, problems, criminal or suicidal thoughts.

TATTOO VIENNA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rediscover the “criminal ornament”, the one hidden either by excessive regularity or excessive sweetness.

Fight off the lie of unbearable rigidity and fight off the lie of unbearable sweetness.

We ask you to turn the KNIFE OF YOUR ARCHITECTURAL TRUTH towards the flesh of the lies mentioned above, and CUT!!!!!

CUT INTO THE LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



RECLAIM THE TRUTH OF KNIFE AND THE TRUTH OF CRIME, through a different kind of “ornament,” an “ornament” that is not afraid to be UGLY, VISCERAL, BLOODY.


TATTOO VIENNA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recognize that civilization cannot hide certain truths, the truths of graffiti, the truth that in Vienna there are many tattoo shops, thus, interpreting it in a Loosian key, many “criminals,” the truth that neither imposed excessive order nor misleading excessive sweetness can cure us of the pain of life!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which is real, for ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine that the city of Vienna is a human body and its buildings and streets the very flesh and substance of this body.

TATTOO this body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


AND THUS REVEAL L’AUTRE “ICH,” the one that Schiele, Freud or Nitsch tried / try to reveal. And do it architecturally!

RE-WOUND VIENNA, in the name of a truth without which true health cannot be, urban of otherwise.

Please send us ANY work, ANY size and ANY format to works@icarch.us. Please choose a specific building, on a specific street, in a specific district, to make your tattooing statement.

HURT Vienna , dear architect, not out of hatred, but out of love!!!!!!!!!!

Hurt her in the name of a truth that would make her even greater than she is now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“ICH” ARCHITEKTUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Explore it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will have the chance to show all the works received during the whole month of August at Hinterland Gallery in Vienna. This will be The First Festival of Feral Architecture, a festival that will complement, in its own way, The First Architecture and Design Biennial which takes place in Vienna this year. There is no registration fee for this event, but we urge you to register in order to receive a registration number with which to anonymously identify your work. The deadline to receive your work is August 15th, 2017. All the works should be submitted digitally to works@icarch.us. If you have any questions, please contact us through our website. Thank you.

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