Submission: September 29, 2015
Registration:  June 02, 2015
Language: English, French
Location Concept
Prizes3 x Award: 10 000 € 


Like Jules Verne, Gustave Eiffel, Arthur C. Clarke, Jacques Piccard, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Jacques Rougerie,… you wish to put your passion and your talent as a designer, architect, engineer, builder into the evolution of our society for a better relationship between man and his planet .
You are passionate about the Ocean and Space, and you want to contribute to their sustainable integration within the development of our society in order for Men to be aware of the need for a greater assimilation of those evolution wise fundamental universes.The prizes of the Jacques Rougerie Foundation are meant to offer architects, designers, engineers, a unique opportunity to submit innovative architectural projects, based on emerging progress and a prospective vision 
(including design, engineering, urban planning, artistic culture …) that meet the current key issues for greater environmental, industrial and technological responsibility, and take into account the precepts of sustainable development, enabling the evolution of our society (innovative materials, techniques and fundamental advance in design, development, energy saving or natural resources, recycling…).


Febuary 17th, 2015 Registration opens
June 2sd, 2015 Registration closes
September 29th, 2015 Deadline for submission of projects
December 2015 Jury Deliberations – Award ceremony



To participate, you have to register yourself or your team on our website before June 2sd, 2015 at midnight GMT +1 (France)
An confirmation and a link will be sent to you.

Once registered, you’ll have to upload your project on our website before September 29th, 2015 at midnight GMT +1 (France).
This project file shall consist of five folders and must be written either in French or in English.
These folders must be compressed into a single ZIP file and named after your project. 

Folder n°1: for a quick understanding by the pre jury

  • A briefing note outlining the project.
    Maximum one front page (A4 format character format 14) including necessarily the name of your project and a slogan of 3 or 4 words describing it. This slogan will always be associated with the name of your project and serve as a grip in all communication tools – Word Format
  • An A3 landscape format, expression free, that must incorporate the template supplied – PDF or JPEG HD

Folder n°2: of global description – 10 A3 front pages maximum landscape format – PDF format
This folder will include written and graphic elements describing in details your project.
Each page will include the Jacques Rougerie Foundation logo at the bottom right (in black or white).

Folder n°3: graphic elements
This file will include every picture used in your folder of global description.
Each file should contain only one picture. They will have to be named after your project and preceded by a number from 00 to 100 in order of importance.
Ex: “01_Caltrope.jpeg”
These pictures must be rendered in high definition JPEG format

Folder n°4: 3D animation movie (optional)
A movie or a 3D animation of your project – 1’30 length max

Folder n°5: administrative folder
The Authorization waiver of the candidate(s) signed in PDF format
Each candidate ID in JPEG format
Each candidate Face Picture in JPEG HD
Each candidate Curriculum Vatae in PDF


  1. You can upload your file just once.
  2. No modification will be made once the upload is complete.
  3. the winners will compulsorily submit one 1’30 length max movie or 3D animation for the preparation of the award ceremony.

After a preselection, the jury will choose the 2015’s awarded projects in the three categories: “Innovation and Architecture for the Sea”, “Innovation and architecture for Space” and “Architecture & Sea Level Rise”. The jury will analyze and rank the selected projects based on the originality of the proposal and the quality of the architectural composition.


30 000 € will be shared among the most promising and innovative projects to encourage their development. These projects, in addition to being innovative, must be based on a global vision of the future and meet the major current issues. 
Each Prize consists of a award allocation. Moreover, each winner will receive the support of the Foundation’s network so that they will increase their knowledge of their project.

The “Innovation and Architecture for the Sea” Award: 10 000 €

The “Innovation and Architecture for Space” Award: 10 000 €

The “Architecture and Sea Level Rise” Award: 10 000 € 
The rise in sea level means as a direct result of the issues related to global warming

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