We Cannot Predict the Future

Submission: 21st April 2024 Registration: 14th April 2024 Location: India Language: English Prizes: View website Type: Open

In the year 2100, our cityscapes have transformed. Buildings morph and shift like living organisms, self-driving cars navigate streets in the sky, and the skyline looks like a product of AI gone wild. Will our landmarks remain ruins and relics or evolve into progressive forms? Perhaps our cities only exist in virtual realms or look like something straight out of the Jetsons? Or will they go back to nature and mushroom under the cover of forests? The possibilities are endless.

The Challenge:
Submit an A3 size poster designed with text and visuals that depict what the future of your city or town could look like!

The details:
From scanned watercolours to AI-generated masterpieces—any medium works! Anybody can enter, whether it be as individuals or in groups. Last date to submit your entries is 21st April 2024.

Let’s reimagine our cities!