Pompei – Save the history

Submission: November 30, 2014
Registration: November 30, 2014
Language: English
Location: Pompei, Greece
Prizes: 500 euro cash prize + projects publications
Type: Open competition for everybody under age of 40


Pompei, a city near the Vesuvius, owes part of its fame to the nearby archaeological site. The ancient Roman province, before submerged by volcanic lapilli, is now exposed to the elements and the continuous fall of rainwater, which, during the winter, put a strain on the static compliance of the walls. Despite the European Community makes available to our government to invest huge funds in maintenance works landslides know no end.

There is need for interventions planned to put away the mobile structures. A museum, near the ancient city system, might be the best way to intervene, the opportunity to offer people an important meeting place and to the administration new funds.

This is an opportunity for debate to shape new museum for Pompei, MUPP. It ‘s just respecting the memory that we can save the history!

Participation in tendering is open to students (graduate and / or under
-graduate) attending Schools / Colleges and Academies of Design,
Architecture and Engineering as well as professionals (and non-members
to the rolls) provided they have completed the forty-first year of age.
You can take part in the competition either individually or as a group.
In the second case, the group will be made up of over forty with the
exception of the leader, referring to so indicate in the appropriate
essential MODEattached to this notice, which must fall within the pa
-rameter of age required. The leader or the individual participant must
submit an identity document valid delivery of the requested material.
Are allowed mixed teams of students and professionals.
Date: September 27, 2014